Hybrid IT has put the CIO in the spotlight & IT outsourcing is evolving.

The velocity of change in technology - from Cloud Computing & virtualization to social media - has elevated the role of the CIO within many organizations.

IT is no longer viewed as just a cost center or support function. IT is now an enabler of business transformation.

Today, IT plays a critical role in the sucessful implementation and delivery of business strategy.

Traditional IT outsourcing contracts have had to evolve to support this dynamic IT landscape and more companies are adopting "Smart Sourcing" strategies in order to align their consumption of services more closely with their evolving business.


Smart Sourcing

Smart Sourcing


Smart Sourcing is about selecting a partner who can help your organization focus on its strategic objectives whilst delivering innovation on the services that are outsourced.

Whilst traditional outsourcing models can deliver benefits with regards to cost, risk management and resourcing, all too often they stifle the innovation required to support business models that are continuously evolving.

Smart Sourcing enables you to realize the benefits of IT Outsourcing without limits.
How does NTT enable Smart Sourcing?

Our comprehensive IT managed services capability allows an organization to focus its resources on delivering strategic value. As we are constantly developing our capability and improving our processes, our customers can benefit from innovation across their entire business. We recognize that businesses cannot sit still, so we ensure that our managed services remain closely aligned to your business as it evolves.

We do this by:

  • Continuously developing our capability to support emerging technologies
  • Offering commercial models that reflect the value of our services to your business; and
  • Providing clear visibility of our performance against agreed service targets



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